The Stanford Law Society of Northern California and Nevada, the most senior of the School’s alumni organizations, has been in existence for a generation. The societies of Southern California, District of Columbia, Oregon, and Washington have also been in operation for many years. During the last academic year five new local societies were formally chartered – the law societies of Superior California, Utah, San Diego-Imperial, the Central San Joaquin, and Arizona. The dean and other representatives of the School met with each of the existing societies during the year.

Additional societies are in process of organization in other areas, including Hawaii, San Francisco peninsula, Nevada, New York City, and Denver, and, to judge from alumni interest, Assistant Dean Keller anticipates that in time a network of some fifteen societies will be active.

The law societies are of great help to the School and to their alumni members. They act as channels of communication between the alumni and the School, serve to bring alumni together for professional and social activities, are a source of aid and counsel to new graduates entering or considering entering a new community, spark interest in the School among potential students, and provide a means for introducing new members of the growing faculty to former graduates.