The following story came from the Council on Foreign Relations.

David Rockefeller, chairman of the board of the Council on Foreign Relations, announced Tuesday, April 20, that the board has elected Bayless Manning, dean of the Stanford University Law School, as full-time president.

He also will be elected as a member of the board.

In making the announcement, Rockefeller said, “The Council has made an important contribution in the past to understanding of world problems. At this time of major change in the field of foreign relations, it is looking forward to an increasingly active and expanded role under the leadership of its new president.”

When Dean Manning takes office in September, he will succeed Grayson Kirk as president and George Franklin, who last June indicated his desire to resign as executive director. Dr. Kirk, president emeritus of Columbia University, was elected to the new post of vice chairman of the Council Board, effective when Dean Manning assumes the presidency. The post of executive director will be discontinued at that time.

The Council on Foreign Relations was founded in 1921 to study the international aspects of America’s political, economic, strategic, and financial problems. Its publications include books resulting from these studies as well as a quarterly review, Foreign Affairs.

In addition to the many meetings connected with its study projects, the Council also arranges more than 150 off-the-record meetings each year at its headquarters in New York at which leading statesmen, scholars, and men of affairs discuss problems of foreign policy with Council members.

Among those who have recently spoken to Council members are Prime Minister Heath, Chancellor Brandt, President Pompidou, Prime Minister Sato, and Prime Minister Ghandi, as well as many distinguished Americans.

Affiliated with the Council are Committees on Foreign Relations composed of community leaders in 34 cities around the country.