Stanford Law School launched a new center in October, the Sally B. and William H. Neukom Center for the Rule of Law, thanks to a significant gift from the Neukom family. The center will conduct academic research and teaching, experiential learning, and collaborations across Stanford and beyond with a sharp focus on rule of law-related issues. The couple’s gift comprises programmatic support as well as a new endowed chair for the center, a faculty fellowship, a post-graduate fellowship, and support for an executive director.

Neukom Center For the Rule of Law 1
William Neukom, JD ’67, and his wife Sally Neukom

“The rule of law provides the basis for just and prosperous societies,” said Jenny S. Martinez, Richard E. Lang Professor of Law and Dean. “We could not be more grateful to Sally and Bill for helping advance the important role SLS plays on the international stage in developing lawyers who will advance the rule of law.”

“Fundamental to an equitable world, the rule of law is the very foundation of communities of justice, opportunity, and peace,” said William Neukom, JD ’67, former Microsoft general counsel. “Stanford Law School has an important role to play on an international stage in advancing the rule of law, and Sally and I are pleased to support that effort.”

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