Stanford Law Scholars Institute Welcomes Aspiring JDs

2022 Stanford Law Scholars
Image by Stephanie Ashe

The Stanford Law Scholars Institute (SLSI) welcomed the first cohort of 20 college students to the law school campus last summer. This effort recognizes the challenges of diversity for law schools and the legal profession. A leader-ship and law school pipeline program, SLSI is designed to provide support and training to underrepresented minority, first-generation, and low-income college undergraduates who want to explore the opportunities and benefits of a legal career. The students spent a week on campus taking part in a variety of activities from receiving guidance on law school applications to meeting with leading practitioners, faculty, and students. Beyond the academic and social activities during the week on campus, the aspiring law students will receive assistance with the law school application process, including a free LSAT preparation course and ongoing coaching until they gain entry into law school. In addition, the SLSI program will provide online training, speakers’ series, and office hours throughout the course of the next year. To learn more, go to