Transatlantic Technology Law Forum Fellowship Program

The Transatlantic Technology Law Forum invites applications from academics, pre-doctoral, doctoral, and post-doctoral scholars, and professionals to join its mission and to participate as TTLF Fellows in TTLF’s research and policy oriented activities. TTLF Fellows work together with Stanford Law faculty and/or Vienna Law faculty or independently. TTLF welcomes proposals for innovative and independent scholarly research projects related to TTLF’s mission. TTLF Fellows are encouraged to make their work available through TTLF.

There is a limited number of TTLF Fellowships available and the application process is highly competitive. Selection of fellows is made on a year-round basis. TTLF Fellowships are, in general, awarded to applicants, who already have experience in technology law related topics and/or business law related topics, and wish to add new knowledge to the field. TTLF is presently unable to provide scholarships or stipends to support TTLF Fellows.

The Application Process

The Transatlantic Technology Law Forum is currently accepting year-round applications for non-residential fellowships.

If you should have any questions regarding this fellowship program, please contact Professor Siegfried Fina and/or Roland Vogl.

TTLF Fellows

Current TTLF Fellows

Former TTLF Fellows