Women in Politics

SLS Women in Politics is a nonpartisan student-run organization for those interested in supporting SLS women in preparation for running for public office, community leadership positions, and the political appointment process.

Research and experience shows that women face unique obstacles in attaining all levels of political office. That is particularly true for women of color, LGBTQ women, Native American women, and women of diverse creeds and backgrounds. Our organization works to bridge the gender and diversity gap by conducting training sessions run by grassroots organizers and seasoned campaigners on topics as varied as engaging community leaders, canvassing, speechmaking, interacting with the media, developing a campaign staff, and navigating diversity while running for office. We also bring current and former political leaders to campus to gain first-hand insight and build lasting connections. And we are building a network and alumni organization that will provide support and mentorship for Stanford students interested in running for office today and in the years to come.

SLS Women in Politics participation is open to all SLS students of all genders.

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