The Coalition for Adequate Special Education Funding

It is generally well-known that Congress and the State of California do not provide sufficient funds to local school districts to ensure that children with disabilities receive the free, appropriate education to which they are entitled. This is one point upon which many child advocates and school administrators agree. Recognizing that point of agreement, an organization of special education administrators called “The Coalition for Adequate Special Education Funding” asked YELP to assist them in dreaming up creative legal strategies to compel the state and federal governments to ensure children are properly served. YELP students Will Rawson (’08), Whitney Sado (’09), and Jesse Hahnel (’08) comprehensively (and creatively) surveyed the state and federal legal landscape to come up with legal strategies and assess the potential success of those strategies. In December 2007, YELP presented its findings to some 60 special education administrators, and that research has launched a longer term conversation about how the group can work with YELP to implement the strategies presented.