Update on Indian BEOS case: Accused released on bail

We wrote in December about the murder trial in India that relied heavily on Brain Electrical Oscillations Signature (BEOS) test to prove that Aditi Sharma had “experiential knowledge” of the poisoning of her former fiance, Udit Bharati.  Aditi and her husband, Pravin Khandelwal, were sentenced to life in prison. The original opinion, which we believe contains many serious flaws, is available at the original post.

We recently learned, courtesy of some research by Rajat Rana (thanks to Vinita Kailasanath!), that Aditi and Pravin have been granted bail by the Bombay High Court (documents: Aditi’s bail order and Pravin’s bail order).  Pravin’s sentence was suspended on the grounds that there was no real evidence to tie him to the case as a conspirator. Aditi was released based on the fact that the evidence of her possessing the arsenic-laced prasad was not compelling, and indeed “the possibility of plantation cannot not be ruled out” (sic). The BEOS evidence is not mentioned in either brief.

Watch this space for further news and a complete analysis.

– Emily Murphy