OK, we’re back in business.  Walking through the SLS doors on Monday was a tad difficult.  Two weeks away from the workplace – even though it comes at one of the worst times of the admissions season – allowed some downtime to travel, to get to books that have sat too long unread, to get caught up on episodes of Criminal Minds (Hotch retire from the BAU?  Hah.) and, of course, to start that new exercise regime for the sixth time in the last three months.  But, I digress here as this blog is not about me.  It’s about you so let me get back on point.  We’re back in business.  We’ve spent the week opening the mail that accumulated while we were away.  We’re trying to respond to the huge volume of email that went unanswered in our absence.  We accessed all the applications that were submitted electronically in that two-week period.  We are working like crazy to get back on schedule.  Remember the Grimm Brothers fairy tale about the elves and the shoemaker?  Well, a few elves here at SLS would certainly be welcome right about now!

As an applicant, what can you do if you’ve not yet heard from us regarding a decision?  This would be an excellent opportunity to get us more information.  If your fall grades are now available, get an updated transcript to LSAC so that our records are updated.  If you’ve received any new honors or awards, send us details on that.  If you’ve started a new job or taken on new responsibilities at your current job, let us know.  Approach this as an opportunity to further your case – if there is something that could affect or impact our review of your application, get that information to us.  Email is the quickest and most efficient way to accomplish this.

If you are thinking about coming out to Palo Alto for a visit, check our website to see what classes you might want to sit in on.  I’d strongly recommend Constitutional Law as an option.  The class meets on Monday and Tuesday (9:50 to 11:00) and on Wednesday (8:30 to 9:40).  There are three sections of the course – one section is taught by Gerhard Casper who served as President of Stanford University from 1992 to 2000; one section is taught by Pam Karlan who is one of the founding directors of our extremely successful Supreme Court Litigation Clinic; one section is taught by Kathleen Sullivan who served as Dean of SLS from 1999 to 2004.  All three faculty members are simply extraordinary.  Come and see for yourself.

Keep in touch…

[For those of you who are now extremely stressed because you think we’ll take even longer to make decisions, I’m kidding about the elves.  We’re in good shape.]