William B. Gould IV, Charles A. Beardsley Professor of Law, Emeritus, and former chairman of the National Labor Relations Board weighs in on labor disputes in Wisconsin and the state of labor relations in the U.S. in this New York Times “Room for Debate” opinion piece:

“As the United States has argued for South Africa, Poland and now Egypt, unions are a basic part of democratic society. Yet that is the principle under attack by Governor Walker in Wisconsin now.

It is hardly coincidental that the governor, like other Republicans, has launched an assault on collective bargaining, a process which is part of the fundamental rights supported by the International Labor Organization of which we are a member — and deeply rooted in our public policy ever since the National Labor Relations Act of 1935.” Read the full piece at www.nytimes.com/roomfordebate/2011/02/18/the-first-blow-against-public-employees/unions-and-the-essence-of-democracy