Many thanks to all who came to yesterday’s event celebrating the release of Juan Rivera.  Special thanks to Patricia Pei (“10) for sharing her experiences and work on the Rivera case and to our guest, Juan Rivera, for sharing his inspirational story of endurance and renewal of spirit during the many years he served in prison for a crime he did not commit.  Speaking on his commitment to overcome despair and maintain a positive attitude throughout his ordeal, Juan remarked, “The students showed me what humanity was. I was wrongly convicted, and I was in prison hoping someone would listen.”  He further commented, “I educated myself to show others who I truly am as opposed to what I was convicted to be.”

Patricia Pei encouraged the audience to take action on behalf of all those wrongfully convicted, ” . . . stories like this exist, and they are waiting to be told . . .  You have the capacity, the opportunities and the connections to make these kinds of things happen. If you have the chance to be a part of it, be part of it.”

Juan concluded, “now I have the chance to go to college, go home, meet my parents. I love the sun; I love petting the dog. These are the things we take for granted, but I cherish every second of life.”

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