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Juliet M. Brodie
In courtrooms, boardrooms, legislatures—anywhere legally trained people advance the interests of their clients—SLS clinic students make profound differences in the lives of their clients and bring the lessons they have learned in the classroom to life.

Juliet Brodie
Associate Dean of Clinical Education and Director
Mills Legal Clinic and Community Law Clinic

Pro Bono Project at MLC

Social Security Disability Pro Bono Project

The SLS Social Security Disability Project (SSDP), the Law School’s only in-house pro bono project, gives students the opportunity to work directly with local homeless clients.

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Stanford Center for Public Research and Leadership 3

Stanford Center for Public Research and Leadership

The Stanford Center for Public Research and Leadership (CPRL), a partnership between Stanford and Columbia University, prepares students for research, consulting, and leadership positions in public education organizations committed to improving the life chances of all children. The program brings together upper-level Stanford graduate students in education, business, and law to study and engage in consulting projects serving public- and social-sector organizations undertaking and supporting transformational change in K-12 education and in the public sector as a whole.

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Clinical Education Experiences at SLS

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Clinic Overview

Clinical Education: Experiences at Stanford Law School
Clinical Education: Experiences at Stanford Law School

Experience — solving real problems, serving real clients — is an essential ingredient in the training of every SLS student.

Founded in 2005, the Mills Legal Clinic is a vital part of Stanford Law’s mission to prepare every student for the challenges, responsibilities and rewards of a career as a legal professional.  Providing individualized, hands-on learning opportunities, this intensive training ground shapes future lawyers of every career aspiration, whether they choose to work in a large firm, become entrepreneurs, make policy or engage in full-time public service. And because clinic is a full-time experience — an SLS distinction — you can immerse yourself without distractions.