Yellow is Always Good and It’s Getting Better…

It’s been exactly 95 days since my last entry.  It seems like just yesterday (well, not really just yesterday, but certainly not 95 days ago) that I was trying to get to you know better.   It’s been rather quiet on my end, I know, and while I’ve still got calls to make and files to read before the day is done, I want to put all that aside and come out of my hibernation just for a bit and tell you about a very good thing that recently happened here at SLS.

When the Yellow Ribbon Program was established, SLS made a commitment to provide a match up to $3000 to all students who were Yellow Ribbon eligible.  Soon thereafter, we increased that match to $10500.  A couple of days ago we made the following commitment:  Beginning in the 2013-14 academic year, SLS will contribute the maximum amount possible under the Yellow Ribbon program.  The VA will then match this amount so that between SLS and the VA, the full cost of tuition and fees will be covered for Yellow Ribbon eligible veterans.

Hooah.  Hooyah.  Hurrah.  Huzzah.  Oorah.