The California aftermath of Maryland v. King begins (in a small way)

Today the Ninth Circuit ordered supplemental briefs in Haskell v. Harris:

Filed order (ALEX KOZINSKI, HARRY PREGERSON, M. MARGARET MCKEOWN, RAYMOND C. FISHER, RONALD M. GOULD, RICHARD A. PAEZ, RICHARD C. TALLMAN, JOHNNIE B. RAWLINSON, MILAN D. SMITH, JR., N. RANDY SMITH and PAUL J. WATFORD) The parties are ordered to file supplemental briefs on the application of the Supreme Courts decision in Maryland v. King, 569 U.S. ___ , No. 12-207 (June 3, 2013), to the resolution of this case. Appellants shall file their brief no later than 21 days from the filing date of this order. Appellees brief shall be filed within 21 days of the filing of appellants brief. Appellants may file an optional reply brief within 7 days of the filing of appellees brief. The briefs shall not exceed 2500 words.

So the briefing schedule goes out to 7 weeks from today:  August 13 (unless I’m getting my business days versus calendar days confused – too long, happily :), since I litigated).  No indication of additional oral argument, but I suppose that may come after the panel has read the briefs (or may not).

No word yet from the California Supreme Court on Buza.