Students Investigate and Report on Prisoner Rights Violations in Panama

On behalf of clients, The International Human Rights and Conflict Resolution Clinic released a Spanish-language report this week, Protecting the Rights of Prisoners, addressing Panamanian prison conditions. Clinic students, under the supervision of clinic director, Professor Jim Cavallaro, clinical teaching fellow, Clara Long, and a consultant, Maria Luisa Romero, began fieldwork on the project in November 2012 assessing rights violations within the country‚Äôs prison system, in which roughly 14,600 inmates are living in space designed for 8,600. Many students have been involved in the investigation and resulting report including: Kat Mateo ’14; Nick Snavely ’14; Jennifer Williams, ’14; Katherine Scherschel, ’14; Atenas Burrola, ’14; Alex Miller, ’14; Swain Uber, ’15; and Michael Frenkel, ’15.

There will be a hearing on this issue at the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights tomorrow, October 31, 2013. For more on this, see the press release and the English translation of an op-ed piece on the clinic’s work in Panama’s La Prensa newspaper.