CGCP Blog launch and more exciting announcements!

Welcome to the CGCP Blog on SLS Blogs!

We are excited to join SLS Blogs with the launch of this CGCP Blog to keep Stanford Law School (SLS), the Stanford community and the greater online community more informed about developments with the China Guiding Cases Project (CGCP).

The CGCP is a groundbreaking initiative of SLS aimed at advancing knowledge and understanding of Chinese law and enabling judges and legal experts inside and outside of China to contribute to the evolution of Chinese case law through ongoing dialogue on guiding cases released by China’s Supreme People’s Court.

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of our international team, we have made significant progress since the CGCP was established in February 2011:

First, the Supreme People’s Court has granted its approval to allow its National Judges College and the CGCP to jointly organize a judges’ training program on the Guiding Cases.

Second, we will soon be releasing a series of papers about the Guiding Cases System written by the CGCP team and a few distinguished Chinese judges and scholars for a conference at Oxford University. Based on more than 200 responses (including 90 from Chinese judges) to a survey we conducted in July 2013, we presented a draft paper titled “China’s Guiding Cases System: Evolution, Impact, and Prospects” at the 8th annual European China Law Studies Association conference, New Approaches and New Questions in Chinese Law at Oxford University in September of this year.

Third, we have just released the Chinese editions of the newest batches of Guiding Cases released by the Supreme People’s Court. The largest batch of Guiding Cases released by the Supreme People’s Court to date, Guiding Cases Nos. 17 through 22, includes the first Guiding Case on intellectual property. The Chinese versions are available at The CGCP will release our high quality translations of these cases shortly. The CGCP has also released the final versions of English translations of Guiding Cases Nos. 13 through 16 (

All of the materials that the CGCP has produced are available for free at These materials include the Guiding Cases themselves, commentaries by Chinese legal experts in both English and Chinese on topics related to the Guiding Cases, and summaries of different areas of Chinese law, complete with links to all relevant sources available in both Chinese and English.

We encourage you to subscribe to our mailing list by visiting to make sure you don’t miss future updates. If interested, please also connect with us via LinkedIn, Twitter, and China’s weibo.

Thank you for your support! We look forward to bringing you future updates of the above and other related topics via this CGCP Blog!

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  2. Great stuff. Moving forward with a good understanding of Chinese law is going to get more and more important as China becomes an important player in the world stage

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