1st Guiding Case on Intellectual Property Now Available in English!

We are pleased to release the English translation of Guiding Case No. 20, the first Guiding Case on intellectual property: Shenzhen Siruiman Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. v. Shenzhen Kengzi Water Supply Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Kangtailan Water Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd., An Invention Patent Infringement Dispute (available at http://cgc.law.stanford.edu/guiding-cases/guiding-case-20). The Supreme People’s Court rendered the original judgment on December 20, 2011, revoking the first and second instance judgments rendered by the Intermediate People’s Court of Shenzhen Municipality, Guangdong Province, and the Higher People’s Court of Guangdong Province, respectively.

Guiding Case No. 20 is among the newest and largest batch of Guiding Cases, Guiding Cases Nos. 17 through 22, released by the Supreme People’s Court to date. We have posted the Chinese versions of all of the Guiding Cases part of this latest batch on our website at http://cgc.law.stanford.edu/guiding-cases/. We will release the English versions of the rest of the batch soon.

The CGCP Team works hard to produce high-quality English translations of the Guiding Cases and we are excited to present this first Guiding Case on intellectual property. Let us know how the CGCP has been doing by sending your views to contactcgcp@law.stanford.edu. We would love to hear your feedback.

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