China Guiding Cases Project is on Bloomberg BNA!

Bloomberg BNA recently ran a piece on China’s first “Guiding Case” on intellectual property, Guiding Case No. 20: Shenzhen Siruiman Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. v. Shenzhen Kengzi Water Supply Co., Ltd., a patent infringement case that the Supreme People’s Court (“SPC”) decided on December 20, 2011.  The English version of this guiding case was released by Stanford’s China Guiding Case Project (“CGCP”) last week.

Citing Dr. Mei Gechlik, Director and Founder of the CGCP, Bloomberg BNA writes that Guiding Case No. 20  “marks the beginning of the issuance of intellectual property cases that will have ‘guiding effect’ as defined by the rules that the SPC has issued on guiding cases.”

The article highlights the “Main Points of the Adjudication” of Guiding Case No. 20, as translated by the CGCP.  It also points out that the CGCP will organize a program in 2014 to train Chinese judges on guiding cases. 

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