FastCase 50 2015 Spotlights CodeX Community

The FastCase 50 2015 has been unveiled and you’ll recognize quite a few folks from our CodeX community!

FastCase 50 2015 Spotlights CodeX Community

Among the recipients:

Pablo Arredondo, (scroll down to see his recent profile), v.p. of legal research at Casetext.
Professor Oliver Goodenough, (University of Vermont), who just completed a sabbatical with CodeX.
Abe Geiger, Shake.
Margaret Hagan, fellow at the Center on the Legal Profession; lecturer at the Stanford Institute of Design.
• Dan Lear, director of industry relations, Avvo.
Jason Moyse, chief legal provocateur,; industry lead, MaRS LegalX; manager, Legal Business Solutions at Elevate Services.
Aron Solomon, chief Innovation operative,; innovation lead for the LegalX cluster; senior advisor for education technology at MaRS.
John Suh, CEO, Legal Zoom.
Andy Wilson, co-founder and CEO, Logikcull.

If I missed anyone, ping me and I’ll add her or him to this list!


Monica Bay is a CodeX fellow and was named to the inaugural Fastcase 50 in 2011.