At CodeXThe Stanford Center for Legal Informatics, researchers and entrepreneurs design technologies for a better legal system. CodeX’s broad mission is to create legal technologies that empower all parties in our legal system and not solely the legal profession. These legal technologies help individuals find, understand, and comply with legal rules that govern their lives; they help law-making bodies analyze proposed laws for cost, overlap, and inconsistency; and they help enforcement authorities ensure compliance with the law. All of these advancements lead to the next frontier of legal technology, bringing new levels of legal transparency and individual empowerment.

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Ravel focuses on visualization-based search of legal data. Specifically, Ravel is a search platform for lawyers and law students with a clean, collaborative interface that provides visualization of how legal data (primarily cases) rank and connect. In addition, the platform offers features that enable annotation of case law and collaboration across caseboards. Ravel leverages recent advances in the fields of network analysis and data visualization to show not just a case’s relevance but also how case law evolves and how legal topics cluster.

The Stanford Computable Contracts Initiative (SCCI) is working on legal technology that will help move the world from natural language based contracts toward a world of computable contacts.

Fair Document, seeks to drive down the cost of legal services by making the process of performing high-volume transactional legal work more efficient...


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