Organizations and Transactions Clinic Completes Autumn 2015 Quarter

Students in the Organizations and Transactions Clinic completed another successful quarter, working on a variety of corporate, contract, advisory, and governance matters for established Northern California nonprofit corporations.

Advice and contract matters:

Organizations and Transactions Clinic Completes Autumn 2015 Quarter

Sara Gates (’17) and Eric Silverberg (’17) advised one of the country’s largest food banks about risk management matters; the work included development of business case and planning documents, and several meetings with the CFO of the client. They also prepared program contracts for a leading agricultural land trust, drafted a range of contracts for a Marin County consulting organization, and worked with a national nonprofit on materials relating to grant-funded projects for public school districts.



Organizations and Transactions Clinic Completes Autumn 2015 Quarter 5


Jocelyn Dicker (’17) and Hank Robinson (’16) provided wide-ranging advice and materials to the senior management team of a San Francisco organization that works closely with the principal public health provider in the city. They also developed real property and operating documents for a Sacramento-area urban farm and agricultural education nonprofit, prepared licensing materials for a local nonprofit that develops teaching materials for sexual health programs in California public schools, and advised a large SF nonprofit about a contract matter.


Organizations and Transactions Clinic Completes Autumn 2015 Quarter 2

Reid Gardner (’17) and Imani Lee (’17) advised an East Bay local food and nutrition nonprofit about affiliate relationship matters; the project included meetings with the CEO, discussion with the client’s independent auditor, and development of extensive advice, contract, disclosure, and management materials. The team also drafted product distribution, licensing, and other contracts for a local visual arts education organization, and developed contract management and oversight materials for the CEO and board of a major Bay Area children’s museum.


Organizations and Transactions Clinic Completes Autumn 2015 Quarter 7

Rachael Apfel (’17) and Benjamin Nuyens (’17) created a term sheet for a prominent Bay Area farmers’ market operator for use in discussions with real estate developers and negotiating locations for new market sites. They also prepared a variety of contract documents and management tools for both a long-established local job training organization and for a Half Moon Bay youth development nonprofit, advised a Santa Cruz agricultural organization about a contract matter, and reviewed model farm lease provisions for a statewide agricultural organization.



Corporate governance:

In addition, all O&T Clinic students executed comprehensive corporate governance reviews. These engagements involve reviewing the client’s existing governance documents and practices, preparing a detailed advice deliverable, drafting an extensive suite of bylaws, board committee charters, and other documents, and making a formal presentation to the board or a board committee. Rachael Apfel (’17) and Reid Gardner (’17) worked with the board of a Monterey Bay-area public radio station. Jocelyn Dicker (’17) and Sara Gates (’17) advised a San Francisco nonprofit that provides artists with developmental disabilities the means to create and sell their art. Imani Lee (’17) and Benjamin Nuyens (’17) represented an international nonprofit that promotes interfaith cooperation and the reduction of religiously-motivated violence. Hank Robinson (’16) and Eric Silverberg (’17) advised a large San Jose nonprofit that provides training and placement support to individuals facing barriers to employment.

Organizations and Transactions Clinic Completes Autumn 2015 Quarter 4
Hank Robinson (’16) and Eric Silverberg (’17) rehearse their presentation to the board of directors of a large Bay Area nonprofit.