LexTech16: The Ball is in Play

Yesterday, in Toronto, Aron Solomon and Jason Moyse held LegalX’s “The New Frontier of Legal Innovation” event, known as #LexTech16, at MaRS in Toronto, working closely with  partner, McCarthy Tetrault.  The event drew 255 attendees (the most the building could allow) and greet social media feedback.  Let’s turn the podium over to Solomon —Monica Bay

Toronto: LexTech16 3
Jason Moyse & Aron Solomon


“What does this have to do with CodeX where, parenthetically, my LegalX co-founder Jason Moyse and I will be in three weeks? First, like Silicon Valley and Stanford, Toronto is a legal innovation hotbed. Over the past year, we’ve built our city into a technology global hub; LegalX has branched out to Beijing, Hong Kong, and soon will be in Europe. We’re working with more than 50 startups from all over the world, including Israel, India, China and throughout the U.S. About half of the companies  we work with are Canadian, half of those from Ontario, our home province.

Also, like CodeX, we brought in as many of the best people in the business. From Dan Lear to Josh Kubicki to Nicole Braddick, Nichole “Niki” Black, D. Casey Flaherty, Tom Finke, Ryan McClead, and Joshua Lenon—as well as our favorite local people, including Noah Waisberg, Shelby Austin, Peter Caraiyannis, Mitch Kowalski, Chris Bentley, Mark Morris—and many local entrepreneurs, law professors and so much more.

Design was a critically important part of LexTech16. Sarah Prevette, founder of Future Design School [reality TV star, along with Randi Zuckerberg, in Quit Your Day Job] ran an excellent design session over lunch, then I moderated a fireside chat with her. The audience loved it and, of course, this resonates with all of the amazing legal design work going on at Stanford.

Finally, it’s my best sense that what Jason and I (and our many supporters at MaRS, LegalX partners in Toronto and throughout Canada) share with Stanford’s CodeX is a remarkably strong desire—and at least decent ability— to see where to ball is going. The topics we covered at the event ranged from “Buy, Build, or Bricolage” to “Big Law is Dead”  to “Retail Concepts in the Law,” which featured Mark Morris’ Axess Law, who are doing very well practicing law here in Walmart. For real.

Toronto: LexTech16 4

And that ball heads to CodeX in three weeks. See you all there!




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