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News and information of probable interest to the CodeX Community: LexisNexis (Lex Machina), Wolters Kluwer, Christy Burke & Course Correct.

> LexisNexis announces first five legal tech accelerator participants: Visabot, TagDox,, Ping, and JuriLytics (chosen after an evaluation of 40+ applicants.)

Based in the Menlo Park, Calif offices of Lex Machina, the program will leverage the content resources, expertise in legal, technology, and startup domains—and market positions of LexisNexis and Lex Machina to guide and mentor program participants, the company said. The program will be led by Lex Machina CEO Josh Becker, with support from LexisNexis’ Chief Technology Officer, Jeff Reihl, Chief Product Officer, Jamie Buckley, Vice President of U.S. Product Management, Jeff Pfeifer, and Lex Machina Chief Evangelist, Owen Byrd.

Breaking News: LexisNexis/Lex Machina Launch Accelerator 4
Josh Becker

The winners:

Visabot: “An “immigration robot” powered by artificial intelligence that helps customers complete U.S. visa applications, including locating relevant open data about an applicant, guiding applicants in the process of gathering supporting documents, ensuring forms are filled out accurately and drafting appropriate language to tell the applicant’s story.”

TagDox: “A legal document analysis tool that creates tags, allowing users to identify and structure information in a variety of document types, improving both the speed and the quality of the document review process; ‘tag results’ can transform documents into easily readable summaries, checklists, database feeds or approval overviews.”

Separate.Us: “A web-based application that automates legal document preparation for divorces and provides access to relevant professionals at affordable fixed rates, deploying a business model that targets both B2B and B2C customers.”

Ping: “An automated timekeeping application that collects all of a lawyer’s billable hours, capturing missed time and money (an estimated 20% across the industry), and operating entirely in the background in concert with standard legal billing software.”

JuriLytics: “An expert witness peer review service that attorneys can use to challenge their opponent’s experts with previously unobtainable credibility, or bullet-proof their own expert’s work through vetting from the world’s top researchers (in any field of expertise).

Fresh Intelligentsia: Accelerators & Launches & Ends
Christopher Tessier


> Christopher Tessier, Manager, Communications at Wolters Kluwer’s  ELM Solutions, checks in to announce the launch “our new LegalView Bill Analyzer. This is a new service offering from ELM Solutions that combines technology, AI/Machine Learning capabilities, and billing expertise to help corporate legal and insurance claims departments better manage their incoming invoices. I have pasted the text of the release below,” he says.

“It helps corporate legal departments and insurance claims organizations of all sizes more efficiently manage their incoming legal invoices and improve cost management. The service manages the entire invoicing review process through a combination of advanced technology, machine learning and expertise to ensure outside firm compliance with billing guidelines, while offering clients an average cost savings of six to nine percent in legal fees,” the launch press release says.

Fresh Intelligentsia: Accelerators &
Christy Burke


> Christy Burke has published an article in Legal IT Today about law schools winning the battle to teach technology to their students. The article, “Winning the battle to teach legal technology and innovation at law schools,” includes quotes from Stanford Law School’s Margaret Hagan and Jose Torres. Burke’s theme is “Technology and innovation can be successfully added to today’s law school curricula without sacri cing a school’s integrity or appeal to prospective students.”

Download the article.


Fresh Intelligentsia: Accelerators & 1
Taylor Hollenbeck


Closing time: “After nearly 1 and 1/2 years, I am officially closing the doors on Course Correct,” announced Taylor Hollenbeck. “Course Connect was always a passion project for me,” he said.

“Though I wasn’t able to build the company I hoped, I’m proud to have helped many lawyers find new careers and even more understand there were options outside of law,” he said. “I made a ton of mistakes along the way—and learned a lot in doing so—but my biggest takeaway will always be how willing people were to share their time, their personal experiences, and their advice with me.”

Hollenbeck is now V.P. Product & Marketing at Index Group.


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