Live Wednesday! U.S. Regulatory Ecosystem

Will you be in Silicon Valley on Wednesday (April 5)?  If yes, join us for terrific panel (including lunch!) at 12:45 p.m. to 2 p.m.  Daniel Katz and Michael Bommarito will present “Measuring the Temperature and Diversity of the U.S. Regulatory Ecosystem.” (Presented by CodeX—The Stanford Center for Legal Informatics).

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Daniel Martin Katz


Katz is a CodeX Affiliated Faculty and Associate Professor of Law and Director, The Law Lab, Illinois Tech – Chicago Kent College. Bommarito is a CodeX Fellow; Adjunct Professor of Law, Michigan State University; Head of Research, The Law Lab, Illinois Tech – Chicago Kent College.

“In their paper, our speakers analyzed more than 4.5 million references to U.S. Federal Acts and Agencies in companies’ annual reports within Form 10-K filings to build a mean-field measurement of temperature and diversity in this regulatory ecosystem, documenting an increase in the regulatory energy per filing, i.e., a warming ‘temperature,'” the announcement notes.

Michael Bommarito

“They also find that the diversity of the regulatory ecosystem has been increasing over the past two decades, as measured by the dimensionality of the regulatory space and distance between the “regulatory bitstrings” of companies. This measurement framework and its ongoing application contribute an important step towards improving academic and policy discussions around legal complexity and the regulation of large-scale human techno-social systems.”

The event is free and open to the public.



Monica Bay is a Fellow at CodeX and freelance journalist. She is a member of the Calif. bar. Email: Twitter: @MonicaBay

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