On March 16, MJ Cartwright, CEO of Court Innovations, presented her startup, Matterhorn, at the CodeX weekly meeting. It is designed to help people “go to court” via the internet. The goal is to make it easier for litigants to address their matters quickly and accurately. For many people—especially those without a car, are handicapped or can’t take time from work—getting to a court is about as challenging as climbing Switzerland’s Matterhorn (or even Disneyland’s version).

Climbing Matterhorn: Going to Court, Online.


Ann Arbor, Michigan’s Cartwright is determined to make going to court less of a nightmare. Court Innovations‘ options help people quickly and accurately resolve outstanding cases—without setting foot in a courtroom.

Matterhorn helps individuals “appear” via the internet. Users follow easy-to-use questions to resolve traffic tickets, warrents, past due payments, and other issues.

Climbing Matterhorn: Going to Court, Online. 1

Matterhorn is now in place at 17 Michigan courts, among other states.

I wrote about her CodeX presentation for Thomson Reuters’ Legal Executive Institute’s new Justice Ecosystem blog. Read “Going to Court—Via the Internet” at  http://bit.ly/2oFkmQr.



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