Women of Legal Tech: Talin Andonians

Updated: 04/28: Meet Talin Andonians, COO at Discovia, which provides managed e-discovery. Her path to success has included learning three languages (she grew up in Austria) , and her first job was at The United Nations.  Her story is inspiring, and I was privileged to interview her for Legaltech news’ Women of Legal Tech series.

Check out “Women of Legal Tech: From the United Nations to Uniting Legal With Technology.”

Women of Legal Tech: Talin Andonians


And while you are at it, Legaltech news also ran another fascinating story today, by Gabrielle Orum Hernandez, “Legal Technology Investing: A Tale of Two Companies.”

She explores how “Separate.us and Altrium provide lessons for other companies.” The CodeX  community may ecognize many of the names, including Sandro Tuzzo, Alma Asay, and Justin Kan.

Keep an eye on Hernandez, she’s got a good eye for articles of interest to our gang.

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See also, Startup Snapshot: Sandro Tuzzo (April 28, 2017—CodeX Blog) and “Women of Legal Tech: Alma Asay: ‘Speak Your Mind, But Be Prepared to be Wrong‘” (May 25, 2016)  (Legaltech news, but you can only access it now on Lexis Advance.)

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