The Women of Legal Tech . . . Tam Harbert

Journalist Tam Harbert has a terrific eye for legal technology. She was the person who turned me on to CodeX, when she wrote Law Technology News’ June 2013 cover story about “Stanford Startups.” (I was the editor-in-chief). The cover featured Executive Director Roland Volg on the cover.) The story created a lot of buzz, and Harbert quickly became one of my favorite writers for LTN.

Women of Legal Tech: Tam Harbert 1

I was delighted to feature Harbert in the ongoing series, “Women of Legal Tech,” at ALM’s Legaltech news. In the August feature, Harbert shares her experiences, which began writing about oil and gas, and how she became focused on tech, business and public policy. It’s not surprising that she won five in the last five years.


Where do you want to be in five years? In five years, I want to be writing or ghostwriting corporate histories of tech companies. Many tech companies are so focused on the future that they never document their past. Because of that, we’re losing chunks of valuable history and the lessons that might be learned from them.

Favorite charities: Yellowstone Forever. This private charity helps to support and maintain it. All of our national parks are in dire need of more support.

Balancing tips: Make time for physical exercise and emotional/spiritual refreshment. I walk/swim/gym almost every day and practice yoga as well. When I’m stuck on a problem, I take a long walk. Usually, by the time I’m back at the office, I have comeup with a way to solve the problem

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Monica Bay is a Fellow at CodeX and a freelance journalist. Email: Twitter: @MonicaBay. If you know a woman in legal tech who would inspire our community, ping me!