Updated: ABA Legal Rebels 2017: CodeX Aboard!

Updated to add the link to the ABA Journal’s article about Alma Asay, released today (Sept 6).

This year’s ABA Journal Legal Rebels winners include four very familiar names within our CodeX community! Congratulations to all!

ABA Legal Rebels 2017: CodeX Aboard!


Jake Heller (CEO) Pablo Arredondo (vice president) and Laura Safdie (chief operating officer) were chosen for Casetext. “Their AI Assistant Is Freeing Up Legal Research,”
by Victor Li.

ABA Legal Rebels 2017: CodeX Aboard! 4








Alma Asay:  Allegory Law: “Couch surfer stays on track for CEO success.” By Jason Tashea.

Almost-Raw Release: Allegory
Alma Asay


Tashea discusses how Asay took an abrupt exit from Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher in New York City, to launch Allegory Law—a litigation management software company. “Allegory is a platform that helps prepare evidence, build binders and manage depositions while cross-referencing every aspect of a case,” writes Tashea.



Roland Vogl


• Trailblazer! In March, CodeX’s executive director Roland Vogl was chosen as a Legal Rebels Trailblazer. Victor Li wrote the article and interviewed Vogl on the Legal Rebels podcast. More here.



Casetext photo by Tony Avelar (above) from ABA Journal (Legal Rebels). Asay photo by David Hills Photography (from ABA Journal (Legal Rebels).
Cover image: Clipart.com

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