O&T Students Complete Autumn Quarter Projects

Autumn Quarter Highlights from the O&T Clinic

The Organizations and Transactions Clinic was hard at work this past Autumn quarter. Under the supervision of director Jay Mitchell and clinical supervising attorney Michelle Sonu, eight full-time and two advanced students worked on a variety of contractual, advisory, and corporate governance matters, as summarized below.

Contract and advice matters

Marianna Zabkowski (‘21) and David Papirnik (‘21) provided corporate structure advice to a multi-entity agriculture organization that works with organic food producers and handlers across North America. The team also collaborated with the legal department of a large and long-standing veterinary care and animal welfare nonprofit to develop a suite of program, fundraising, and other contracts, and helped a children’s health nonprofit based in Portland with the contract it uses for its work in hospitals around the country.


Autumn Quarter Highlights from the O&T Clinic 1
Autumn Quarter Highlights from the O&T Clinic 2

Camille Woodbury (‘20) and Justin Tzeng (‘21) worked with one of the country’s largest farmers’ markets to revise its market rules and related documents. The project involved multiple interactions with market management and development of a complex 40-page rules document. The team also prepared a product supply agreement for a leading science museum, and worked with an emerging animal welfare nonprofit to develop contracts for its international collaborations.

Emma Wang (‘20) and Nick Neuteufel (‘21) represented a national dance organization to create a suite of template contracts for use by ballet and other dance companies and schools throughout the U.S. The team also prepared website terms for a new digital platform offered by a Bay Area nonprofit that uses sports as a vehicle for improving outcomes for kids living in challenged neighborhoods, and drafted studio and program contracts for a prominent industrial arts organization.

O&T Students Complete Autumn Quarter Projects 1
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Michelle Zhao (‘21) and Greer Howard (‘21) worked with a statewide organization to develop a suite of art purchase, loan, license, and other contracts for use by museums. Michelle and Greer also prepared fiscal sponsorship contracts and educational materials regarding nonprofit mergers for use by a North Bay nonprofit support organization, and developed collaboration agreements for a health center that provides primary care to low-income families in Santa Cruz and Monterey counties.

Advanced clinic students Kate Di Lucido (‘20) and Jaclyn Freshman (‘20) worked with a national hunger-relief organization on review of its core operating documents. The project involved frequent calls with food bank CEOs and other executives from organizations around the country, and preparation of detailed planning materials and contract documents.

O&T Students Complete Autumn Quarter Projects

Corporate governance

In addition, all O&T Clinic students carried out comprehensive corporate governance reviews. These engagements involve reviewing the client’s existing governance documents and practices, preparing a detailed report, drafting an extensive suite of bylaws, board committee charters, and other documents, and meeting with board members and senior executives. Michelle Zhao (‘21) and Nick Neuteufel (‘21) represented an outdoor education nonprofit serving youth and adults across California. Greer Howard (‘21) and Justin Tzeng (‘21) advised the San Francisco affiliate of a large and long-established national youth and community nonprofit. Emma Wang (‘20) and Marianna Zabkowski (‘21) worked with an organization providing sports programming for girls in underserved Bay Area neighborhoods. Camille Woodbury (‘20) and David Papirnik (‘21) represented a charter school, an engagement that involved multiple interactions with client board members.

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