Autumn 2020 Highlights from the O&T Clinic

Contract and advice matters

Autumn 2020 Highlights from the O&T Clinic 1

Danielle Roybal (‘22) and Alyssa Netto (‘22) advised two Central Coast nonprofits about a complex collaboration involving veterans’ support, expansion of hunger relief programs, and shared facility use. The team also helped a San Francisco dance organization and venue incorporate digital presentation into its arrangements with artists, a project that involved substantial client contact and contract design.

Autumn 2020 Highlights from the O&T Clinic 2

Allison Ivey (‘21) and Zach Winters (‘21) provided risk management advice to a national education nonprofit. The team interviewed numerous executives and developed a series of recommendations for the client. In addition, Allison and Zach created collaboration and facility use contracts for the San Francisco affiliate of one of the nation’s largest and oldest youth development organizations.

Autumn 2020 Highlights from the O&T Clinic 3

Camille Houle (‘22) and Jasmine Shao (‘21) prepared a set of grant, co-working space, sponsorship, and other contracts for a San Francisco artist support nonprofit, an engagement that involved multiple interactions with the client and close attention to COVID-generated issues. Camille and Jasmine also developed educational materials for a Bay Area organization that helps businesses convert to employee ownership.

Autumn 2020 Highlights from the O&T Clinic 4

Josh LaFianza (‘22) and Amanda Sear (‘22) worked with an East Bay nonprofit that trains youth in the performing arts to revamp contracts used in its core programs and to redesign how it engages with a local school district regarding in-school programs. The team also provided oversight advice and documents to a well-established Oakland nonprofit that sponsors projects focused on the environment, health, and sustainability.

Autumn 2020 Highlights from the O&T Clinic 5

Fiona Hayman (‘22) and Emily Tu (‘21) represented the Bay Area’s largest farmers’ market operator. They developed a range of new financial and liability-mitigation provisions for the client’s core market operations document, and drafted terms for a new COVID-inspired consumer service. Emily and Fiona also prepared contract documents for two programs operated by a California-based national immigration organization.

Corporate governance

In addition, all O&T students carried out comprehensive corporate governance reviews. These engagements involve reviewing the client’s existing governance documents and practices, preparing a detailed report, drafting an extensive suite of bylaws, board committee charters, and other documents, providing a self-assessment tool and set of recommendations regarding board diversity and inclusion, and meeting with board members and senior executives. Fiona Hayman and Camille Houle worked with the world’s largest provider of service dogs. Emily Tu and Josh LaFianza represented a long-established East Oakland youth development organization. Danielle Roybal and Jasmine Shao advised a San Francisco nonprofit that prepares young people of color and young women for employment in the creative industries. Amanda Sear and Zach Winters represented a Bay Area opera company. Allison Ivey and Alyssa Netto advised a statewide organization that supports farmers of color and beginning and sustainable farmers.