New, Curated Racial Justice Weekly Will Highlight Important Race, Justice, Equity Issues

The Stanford Center for Racial Justice is today (May 20) launching its Racial Justice Weekly (RJW), a new email digest that will provide curated references to resources on race, equity, and justice issues in a convenient, easy-to-read format.

The RJW will be released the first three Friday mornings of each month. News stories, research, videos, and podcast recommendations from a variety of digital sources will comprise a handpicked Featured Five, with each link accompanied by a short, personalized summary from SCRJ staff members and invited guests. 

A primary goal of the RJW is to provide a helpful resource for people who don’t have time or capacity to access well-researched, well-informed news, commentary, and expertise about race and racial justice, said George Brown, SCRJ Executive Director.

“A core goal of the Center is democratizing knowledge, and the RJW will be an example of how we help promote trustworthy and reliable information that allows for good-faith policy discussions based on facts and evidence,” Brown said. 

Subscribe to the Racial Justice Weekly, and access its archives here