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Stanford Center for Racial Justice

Who We Are

The Stanford Center for Racial Justice (SCRJ) was created in June 2020 in the wake of our country’s deep reflection about racial divisions and the urgent need for solutions. We are based in the Law School and serve the entire University. The aspiration of SCRJ is a multicultural democracy where our ability to create opportunities, promote wellbeing for all, and advance freedom is not undermined by racism.

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Action and Impact

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The Stanford Center for Racial Justice cares deeply about the pursuit of innovative solutions to the challenges of racism and the pursuit of racial justice. We work with Stanford researchers and scholars across the University and with other partners to develop and identify new research and ideas. The SCRJ seeks to bridge the gap between academic research and all of the stakeholders and communities who desire access to information and ideas in user-friendly ways.

We will pursue our goals by:

  • Democratizing knowledge
  • Catalyzing research
  • Improving public dialogue
  • Pursuing practical solutions at scale

Current Projects

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Focus: Public Safety

As part of our initial focus areas, we are identifying and pursuing potential solutions to the deep systemic challenges of policing and public safety. This includes disproportionate outcomes for people across the spectrum of safety and justice.

Model Use of Force Policy

We are developing a Model Policy governing the use of force by law enforcement officers. It draws on numerous resources, including policies from 100 police departments and is designed by experts to be safe, fair, and equitable. The Model Policy is intended for small and mid-size cities who seek to advance their efforts to implement community-oriented policing. We are in a final review and expect to commence pilot implementations later this year.

Corporate Governance and Racial Equity

We are collecting data from a large number of U.S. public corporations concerning their commitments to racial equity and their Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and related statistics. Our intention is to report on that data and host workshops and conferences to discuss those findings. We are currently conducting research into an existing racial equity index involving a cohort of technology companies.

We have partnered with associate professor Subini Annamma, SCRJ Faculty Lead in Education, on the Walkout! Lab for Youth Justice. The initiative, through the Stanford Center for Comparative Studies in Race & Ethnicity, pursues a deeper understanding of the relationship between special education and youth incarceration by examining the policies and practices that have led to students of color being disproportionately represented in both settings.

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Alumni Voices

Learn how prominent Stanford alumni are challenging each of us to move America toward greater justice for all by expanding our knowledge, humanizing one another, and becoming advocates in the spaces where we each have influence and persuasion. View our full “Rethinking Race, Dismantling Racism, and Furthering Justice” panel below, featuring:

Cory Booker, ’91, MA ’92: United States Senator, New Jersey
Maureen Keffer, JD ’11: Chief of Civil Rights, Accessibility and Racial Equity, California Department of Social Services
Goodwin Liu, ’91: Associate Justice, California Supreme Court




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