Spring Quarter Highlights from the O&T Clinic

Contract and advice matters

Arianne Marcellin-Little (‘23) and Lisa Wang (‘23) represented a national dance organization. They developed an artist engagement agreement, streaming terms, and other materials for use by dance companies and presenters throughout the country. Lisa and Arianne also created corporate partnership and mentoring agreements for an emerging nonprofit that pairs underrepresented college student volunteers with experienced mentors in developing technical products for nonprofits.

Spring Quarter Highlights from the O&T Clinic 3
Spring Quarter Highlights from the O&T Clinic 11

Sheena Hilton (‘23) and Grace Kavinsky (‘23) provided corporate structure advice to a large and long-established Bay Area provider of services to people with disabilities. The team drafted an intercompany agreement, provided advice about governance, operations, and other matters, and presented their recommendations to the CEO and CFO. The team also prepared volunteer and collaboration agreements for a Central Valley nonprofit that provides emergency, housing, and other services for survivors of domestic violence. Sheena also worked with a major public interest law firm and advocacy organization focused on education, housing, and transit equity to develop a set of contract templates.

Taylor Beardall (‘23) and Konadu Amoakuh (‘23) worked with a prominent San Francisco contemporary dance organization that offers programming through its theater and dance school. The team developed dance company support, studio rental, and class participation agreements, and provided advice about the online enrollment process. Taylor and Konadu also created contracts for artist-in-residence and artist cooperative programs being established by a Bay Area nonprofit whose mission centers on printing and letterpress.

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Spring Quarter Highlights from the O&T Clinic 14

Sydney Kirlan-Stout (‘23) and Tess Winston (‘23) provided advice to a major Bay Area farmers’ market operator regarding conduct and expressive activity at its markets. The team drafted amendments to the client’s market rules and prepared an FAQ for market managers addressing topics such as protests, signature gathering, and interactions with law enforcement. The team also prepared partnership, speaker, volunteer, and other contract templates for one of the oldest cultural organizations on the West Coast.

Advanced clinic students Camille Houle (’22) and Jessica Blau (‘22) represented one of the country’s leading art museums. Camille and Jessica developed contracts for exhibitions and traveling exhibitions organized by the museum in partnership with another museum. Full-time clinic students Grace Kavinsky and Konadu Amoakuh also carried out work for the client; they drafted a template agreement for use by the museum in commissioning new works by artists.

Spring Quarter Highlights from the O&T Clinic 15

Corporate governance

In addition, all O&T students carried out comprehensive corporate governance reviews. These engagements involved reviewing the client’s existing governance documents and practices, preparing a detailed report, drafting an extensive suite of bylaws, board committee charters, and other documents, providing a self-assessment tool and set of recommendations regarding board diversity and inclusion, and meeting with board members and senior executives. Tess Winston and Lisa Wang represented a Bay Area education nonprofit that provides individualized support and other educational opportunities to low-income students. Sydney Kirlan-Stout and Konadu Amoakuh worked with a San Francisco nonprofit that supports and advocates for parks and public spaces. Grace Kavinsky and Taylor Beardall represented a Bay Area organization that provides a range of services to diverse media makers. Arianne Marcellin-Little and Sheena Hilton represented an East Bay youth center whose mission is to create safe spaces grounded in social justice.