You’re Invited: CodeX Meeting on November 3, 2022

A message from CodeX Executive Director, Roland Vogl…

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Our next CodeX group meeting is this Thursday (November 3), from 1:30p to 2:30p PT, via Zoom – please subscribe to our mailing list for access to group meetings. Our meetings continue to be held remotely.

Our guests:
Manish Agnihotri, Chief Executive Officer; Chirag Mehta, Chief Product Officer; and Aditya Rathod, Chief Research Officer, Agni. Agni is a contract intelligence platform designed for law firms to accelerate contract review. Based out of and backed by Carnegie Mellon University, Agni recently graduated from VentureBridge 2022, CMU’s summer accelerator program.
Aileen Nielsen, Fellow in Law & Tech, Center for Law and Economics, ETH Zurich. A doctoral researcher focused on the interplay among human behavior, legal outcomes, and algorithms, our guest will present experimental work on an industry tool that is used for assistance in a legal task.
See you then!


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