You’re Invited: CodeX Meeting on November 17, 2022

A message from CodeX Executive Director, Roland Vogl…

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Our next CodeX group meeting is this Thursday (November 17), from 1:30p to 2:30p PT, via Zoom – please subscribe to our mailing list for access to group meetings. Our meetings continue to be held remotely.

Our guests:

John Nay, CodeX Fellow. John will discuss his project, which focuses on building systems that leverage data generated by legal processes and the theoretical constructs and practices of law to facilitate the robust specification of inherently vague human goals for AI.

Paul Giedraitis, Founder & President, Origaimi, Inc. A client intelligence platform for law firms, Origami uses AI to extract predictive insights with an aim to help firms grow client revenues, prevent client churn, and improve partner cross-selling and collaboration.
See you then!


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