Spring 2023 Highlights from the O&T Clinic

Contract and advice matters

Madi Burson (‘24) and Ivana Valdez (‘23) developed a suite of complex art purchase, license, and other agreements for one of the world’s leading science museums. Ivana and Madi also prepared teaching artist, facility use, collaboration, and other contracts for an East Bay youth center whose mission is to create safe spaces grounded in social justice.


Spring 2023 Highlights from the O&T Clinic
Spring 2023 Highlights from the O&T Clinic 1

Ben Held (‘24) and Kelli Hamilton (‘24) prepared co-counsel, sponsorship, and other contracts for a statewide nonprofit that defends, advances, and strengthens the rights of and opportunities for people with disabilities. Kelli and Ben also developed enrollment agreements for a South Bay education and youth development nonprofit.

Jacob Langsner (‘24) and Keran Huang (‘24) prepared affiliation transaction documents and an artist engagement agreement for a prominent San Francisco dance organization. The team also developed video production services and talent release documents for a San Francisco organization that supports media makers seeking social change.

Spring 2023 Highlights from the O&T Clinic 2
Spring 2023 Highlights from the O&T Clinic 3

Daphne Meyer (‘24) and Diego Carlson (‘24) developed theater license and other agreements for an independent cinema located in the Mission District in San Francisco. The team also prepared a set of domestic and international grantmaking documents for a large and long-established East Bay environmental organization and fiscal sponsor.

Corporate governance

In addition, all O&T students carried out comprehensive corporate governance reviews. These engagements involved reviewing the client’s existing governance documents and practices, preparing a detailed report, drafting an extensive suite of bylaws, board committee charters, and other documents, and meeting with board members and senior executives. Diego Carlson and Ben Held represented a Peninsula-based animal shelter. Ivana Valdez and Daphne Meyer worked with a Bay Area dance company that presents works featuring disabled, non-disabled, and neurodiverse cast members. Madi Burson and Jacob Langsner worked with a major Bay Area museum. Kelli Hamilton and Keran Huang advised a national environmental education nonprofit.