You’re Invited: CodeX Meeting on December 7, 2023: AI Life Cycle Principles; Phosphor; Midpage

Roland Vogl 2

Hi Everyone,

You are invited to our next CodeX group meeting, this Thursday (Dec 7), from 1:30p to 2:30p PT, via Zoom. Please subscribe to our mailing list for access to group meetings. Our meetings continue to be held remotely.

Our guests will be:

Eran Kahana, CodeX Fellow and Attorney at MasonLLP. He will be presenting the AI Life Cycle Core Principles and the AI Data Stewardship Framework, two projects that aim to facilitate discussion and guidance around responsible and sustainable AI development and use.

Oliver Beavers, Co-founder and CEO of Phosphor. He will be presenting how their platform closes the unstructured data gap in finance by representing financial models and contracts as DSLs in order to make them connectable and standardizable.

Otto von Zastrow, Co-founder and CEO of He will be presenting an update on new features on their generative AI platform for litigators to research case law, organize notes, and draft.

See you then!

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