Getting Beyond the Sandbox: A Playbook for Developing Generative AI Solutions for Enterprise Applications

By Jay Mandal, Fellow and Dr. Megan Ma, Associate Director, Codex

Companies are captivated by the potential of generative artificial intelligence (AI) to transform their businesses, but many don’t know exactly how. Generative AI is defined as artificial intelligence capable of generating text, images, video or other data using generative models. Companies in all fields are experimenting in sandbox environments of different ways this emerging technology can provide value to customers. This urgency is also partly owed to leadership and market pressures to release new generative AI-driven solutions. The main questions for companies are asking: (1) where should be the focus; and (2) how do we get started?
This is a generative AI playbook that provides companies a framework on how to prioritize use cases and start building. The key elements covered are:

  1. Developing solid use cases;
  2. Developing a solution and using proprietary data;
  3. Which type of generative AI model to use;
  4. Risk mitigation to enable enterprise readiness for generative AI; and
  5. Optimizing the user-experience (UX); and
  6. Conclusion

The focus of this paper will be on generative AI solutions that benefit external customers, and not solutions that benefit employees and improve internal company processes.

Access the full paper here.