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Student Team

Amanda McCaffrey, student co-President

Amanda McCaffrey (JD, 2020) has a background in anthropology. Prior to law school, she worked on litigation before the International Court of Justice as well as federal and state courts in California, and earned a master’s degree in creative writing. She is interested in international environmental law, transitional justice, human rights, and legal academia.

Ryan Daniels, student co-President

Ryan Daniels (JD, 2020) is originally from Toronto, Canada. As an undergraduate he has researched and spent time in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Israel, and prior to law school he spent three years working on an artificial intelligence startup in Tel Aviv. He’s interested in how technology can make legal help more accessible and in the role of law and legal institutions in developing countries..

Daniel Bernal (JD, 2020) is a second-year law student, a PhD candidate at the University of Arizona, and a student fellow at Stanford’s Legal Design Lab. His research focuses on language access, self- help, and the role that information plays in cases of summary eviction.

Matthew Martinez (JD, 2020) was a US military officer for over a decade and has spent time in multiple conflict zones around the world, including Afghanistan. He is interested in how rule of law initiatives foster stability in nations that have endured, or continue to endure, armed conflict.

Allison Wettstein O’Neill (JD, 2020) studied Chinese and Accounting and worked both in direct legal services and not-for-profit consulting before law school. She is interested in transitional justice and human rights.

Jared Heslop (JD, 2020) researched access to justice in Monrovia, Liberia and served in the U.S. Army prior to law school. He is interested in finding ways to increase access to justice through effective rule of law initiatives in developing countries.

Trillium Chang (JD, 2021) is a second year student with a strong interest in public international law, human rights, and rule of law. This past summer she interned for the President of the East African Court of Justice. She has a background in development, bio-sciences, and public health.<

Kevan Christensen (JD, 2021) worked on international development programs in Kenya, Bangladesh, and India prior to law school. He is interested in the intersection of law and economic development in emerging markets, in particular around issues of agriculture, energy, climate change, and private sector investment.

Elena Goldstein (JD, 2021) is interested in questions at the intersection of law, technology, and human rights. Before law school, she worked at a university research center, supporting interdisciplinary projects designed to advance AI in the public interest and address associated global governance challenges. As an undergraduate, she carried out thesis research in Egypt and spent time studying in Jordan and Spain.

Hope Landsem (JD, 2021) served in the U.S. Army prior to law school and has a background in economics and political science.  She is interested in transitional justice, military policy, and rule of law development.

Andrew Longhi (JD, 2020) worked to shift how the United States deploys its vast economic tools to address pressing global challenges in the U.S. Secretary of Commerce’s office prior to law school. He is from Atlanta, GA and graduated from Dartmouth College with a degree in Government.

Robert Meyer (JD, 2021) first became interested in law while reading International Court of Justice cases, and it’s been off to the races ever since. In college, Rob studied government, economics, and computer science, and he has spent time researching constitution-building in Africa and preparing academic experts to testify in complex litigation and regulatory proceedings. He is interested in international law, national and international security, and commercial litigation.

Peter Prindiville (JD, 2021) has a background in comparative law, international relations, and education. Prior to law school, he spent a year researching the development of counter-terror law in Ireland, a project that sparked broader interest in the rule of law in societies experiencing and recovering from domestic conflict. Peter previously taught at a high school in Mississippi. He holds graduate degrees in international relations and education.

Past ALEP Student Leadership

Eli Sugarman (Co-Founder, Student Co-Director, 2007-09)
Alexander Benard (Co-Founder, Student Co-Director, 2007-09)
Anne Stephens Lloyd (Student Co-Director, 2008-09)
Ben Joseloff (Post-Doctoral Fellow at AUAF, 2008)
Max Rettig (Student Co-Director, 2009-10)
Morgan Galland (Student Director, 2010-11)
Rose Leda Ehler (Student Co-Director, 2011-12)
Stephanie Ahmad (Rule of Law Fellow, 2011-12)
Daniel Lewis (Student Co-Director, 2011-12)
Ingrid Price (Student Co-Director, 2012-13)
Julian Simcock, (Student Co-Director, 2012-13)
Sam Jacobson (Student Co-Director, 2013-14)
Chris Jones (Student Co-Director, 2013-14)
Lloyd “Tres” Thompson (Student Director, 2014-15)
Shereen Griffith (Student Co-Director, 2015-16)
Amy Heath (Student Co-Director, 2015-16)
Drew Dragstrem (Student Curriculum Director and Teaching Assistant, 2015-16)
Matthew Gasperetti (Student Co-Director, 2016-2017)
Alice Hall-Partyka (Student Co-Director, 2016-2017)
Kristina Alekseyeva (Student Co-Director, 2017-2018)
Stephanie Birndorf (Student Co-Director, 2017-2018)
Ale Lynberg (Student Co-Director, 2018-2019)
Sean Rosenberg (Student Co-Director, 2018-2019)
Berin Senné (Student Co-Director, 2018-2019)