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Kristina Alekseyeva, student co-President

Kristina Alekseyeva (JD, 2018) spent some time studying and working in the Middle East in college and worked for Teach for America prior to law school. She is interested in how international economic development impacts domestic rule of law.

Team Members 24

Stephanie Birndorf, student co-President

Stephanie Birndorf (JD, 2018) worked as a consultant for three years prior to law school, advising corporate clients on training, change management, and organization design. She is interested in international law and fostering support for rule of law initiatives.

Joseph DeMott (JD, 2018) spent two years in the Middle East before starting law school. He has a background in Islamic studies and is interested in comparative law.

Shannon Galvin (JD, 2018) has a background in international politics and studied in Turkey prior to law school. She is interested in the intersection between international development and financial institutions.

Juan Pablo Perez-Sangimino (JD, 2018) taught U.S. History and Government as part of Teach for America, worked on anti-human trafficking policy and advocacy, and spent time in South America prior to law school. He is interested in how international law impacts interactions between nations.

Tara Rangchi (JD, 2018) has a background in global studies, and worked in refugee education before law school. She is interested in transitional justice and human rights.

Michael Talent (JD, 2018) studied economics and worked in politics and public finance banking prior to law school. He is interested in studying international legal systems and the relationship between economic development and the rule of law.

Mollie Kuether (JD, 2019) is interested in international law and has a background in Middle Eastern studies. Before law school, she worked in civil legal services and spent a year studying in Oman.

Ale Lynberg (JD, 2019) worked at Google prior to law school, bridging the gap between product users and engineering teams, and managing programs to ensure that international users got the most out of the company’s products. She is interested in technology policy and its role in promoting international human rights such as freedom of expression and privacy.

Sarah Mahmood (JD, 2019) is interested in government affairs, political law, and the media. Before law school, she worked at CNN.

Sean Rosenberg (JD/MBA, 2019) served in Afghanistan with the U.S. Army, and is interested in implementing and advancing the rule of law in developing countries.

Berin Senné (JD, 2019) studied international political economy, and worked in economic consulting prior to law school. He is interested in institutional and organizational design, and its impact on rule of law and development.

Michael Ulmer (JD, 2019) served in Afghanistan with the U.S. Marine Corps and taught Marines how to plan Stability Operations. He is interested in transnational white collar crime and international arbitration.

Past ALEP Student Leadership

Eli Sugarman (Co-Founder, Student Co-Director, 2007-09)
Alexander Benard (Co-Founder, Student Co-Director, 2007-09)
Anne Stephens Lloyd (Student Co-Director, 2008-09)
Ben Joseloff (Post-Doctoral Fellow at AUAF, 2008)
Max Rettig (Student Co-Director, 2009-10)
Morgan Galland (Student Director, 2010-11)
Rose Leda Ehler (Student Co-Director, 2011-12)
Stephanie Ahmad (Rule of Law Fellow, 2011-12)
Daniel Lewis (Student Co-Director, 2011-12)
Ingrid Price (Student Co-Director, 2012-13)
Julian Simcock, (Student Co-Director, 2012-13)
Sam Jacobson (Student Co-Director, 2013-14)
Chris Jones (Student Co-Director, 2013-14)
Lloyd “Tres” Thompson (Student Director, 2014-15)
Shereen Griffith (Student Co-Director, 2015-16)
Amy Heath (Student Co-Director, 2015-16)
Drew Dragstrem (Student Curriculum Director and Teaching Assistant, 2015-16)
Matthew Gasperetti (Student Co-Director, 2016-2017)
Alice Hall-Partyka (Student Co-Director, 2016-2017)