Legal Recruiters & Staffing Agencies

Legal Recruiters

Many alumni want to know if working with a legal recruiter is a good idea. The answer depends on many factors, including years out of law school, geographic and the practice area sought. Before talking to a recruiter, schedule an appointment with an OCS advisor to discuss your overall job search strategy, including whether or not engaging a legal recruiter makes sense.

In addition, you may find this article: How Legal Recruiting (Really) Works from American Lawyer Media, helpful. This article addresses the basics of using a recruiter.

We are often asked for recommendations to legal recruiters. The below legal recruiters have worked with our students over the years and may be a good starting place if you choose to work with a recruiter.

California - Northern Contacts
California - Southern Contacts
Chicago Contacts
Denver Contacts
New York Contacts
Texas Contacts
Seattle Contacts
Washington DC Contacts

Tips & Resources

Legal Staffing Agencies

If you are looking for a legal position, you may wish to consult with one of the agencies listed below. Many of these agencies place attorneys for temporary positions in the Bay Area, and some are national.  Some agencies also provide permanent placement services.

Note: OCS is providing these listings for information only and does not recommend or endorse any of these agencies.