Matter of S

The clinic assisted S, an undocumented single mother of three United States citizen children, to obtain permission to work lawfully in the United States.  S came to the United States when she was in elementary school.   She was the victim of domestic violence at the hands of her long term partner (the father of her three children).   S’s ex-partner had been deported the year prior after she called the police to report an incident of violence. S feared returning to Mexico because of the animosity and blame that her ex harbored towards her.  S is also the primary caretaker of her lawful permanent resident mother, who suffers from chronic and life threatening end stage renal failure,  which requires dialysis four times a week.

Clinic students represented S in two court hearings. Students helped to prepare extensive documentation to convince the government and the Immigration Judge that S’s three young children and mother would suffer hardship if she were not permitted to remain in the United States.  Students also provided evidence that S would likely face harm or persecution in Mexico because her ex-partner would immediately know of her return, were she not permitted to remain in the United States.  Because of the students’ advocacy on behalf of S, S should be receiving her green card within the next 6 months and will be permitted to remain in the United States lawfully and indefinitely.