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Students in the Immigrants’ Rights Clinic have full responsibility for defending clients against deportation in San Francisco Immigration Court, the Board of Immigration Appeals, and the federal courts of appeals. As part of that work, students write complex legal briefs, argue cases, conduct fact investigation, interview witnesses and clients, and represent clients in mini-trials. Students also engage in cutting-edge litigation and advocacy in partnership with local and national immigrants’ rights organizations.

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Reflections on Visiting a Detained Client

Students Caroline Hunsicker, ’24, and Seth Goldman, ’23 represented R, a longtime legal permanent resident who remains in immigration custody due to a single drug possession conviction. As part of their clinic experience, Caroline and Seth traveled to the detention facility where R is located. Caroline and Seth reflect on their experience visiting R for the first time.


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IRC Wins Deportation Case

Immigrants' Rights Clinic 88

Congratulations to IRC client, Mr. M, who was recently granted legal permanent residency after successfully winning his deportation case. In the Spring of 2022, Students Vanessa Young Viniegra, ‘23, and Tiffany Liu, ‘23 represented Mr. M at his initial hearing. Students engaged in client interviewing and counseling and did extensive complex legal research. This past Fall, students Mitchell Wong, ‘24, and Nathan Tauger, ’24, represented Mr. M at his final immigration hearing. Prior to the hearing, Mitchell and Nathan filed an 800 page evidentiary submission and a legal brief. The Immigration Judge granted Mr. M’s application for permanent residency. Mr. M is now allowed to remain in the U.S. with his wife and children.

IRC Client Granted Asylum

Representing Our Client at Her Asylum Hearing

The IRC represented Ms. S, a mother and native of Cameroon seeking asylum based on political persecution. Students Marisa Lowe, ’23, and Viviana Andazola Marquez, ’22 conducted fact-gathering interviews and drafted legal research memos that laid the foundation for Ms. S’s asylum claims. They also represented Ms. S at her first hearing. Students Tessa Silverman, ’24 and Truman Chen, ’24 prepared an 1,000+ page evidentiary submission and regularly met with Ms. S to prepare her for her final immigration hearing. Students also represented Ms. S at her hearing in San Francisco Immigration Court, where she was granted asylum.




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