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Students in the Immigrants’ Rights Clinic have full responsibility for defending clients against deportation in San Francisco Immigration Court, the Board of Immigration Appeals, and the federal courts of appeals. As part of that work, students write complex legal briefs, argue cases, conduct fact investigation, interview witnesses and clients, and represent clients in mini-trials. Students also engage in cutting-edge litigation and advocacy in partnership with local and national immigrants’ rights organizations.

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Client-Centered Lawyering: What Does Winning Mean? IRC Student Represents Client Who Has Been Detained for Two Decades

Student Reflects on Client-Centere

“My experience working with E and together fighting for his rights over the past eight months has fundamentally changed my understanding of my role as an attorney. As attorneys we are, first and foremost, advocates for our clients, and must respect their wishes even when we disagree.”

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Immigrants’ Rights
Clinic Students Argue
Case Before the Ninth
Circuit Court of Appeals

IRC Students

Congratulations to Brittany Benjamin and Adam Hersh, advanced students in the Immigrants’ Rights Clinic, who argued their case before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Brittany and Adam represent a longtime permanent resident of the U.S. who the Department of Homeland Security seeks to deport because of past criminal convictions. The Ninth Circuit ruled in favor of their client, stating that carjacking in California is not a deportable violent offense. The case raises complex legal issues at the intersection of immigration and criminal law. Brittany and Adam did an outstanding job on all aspects of the case, from preparing the briefs to presenting oral argument.

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Immigrants’ Rights Clinic Student Reflects on Representing Client at His Asylum Interview and Grant of Asylum

Immigrants' Rights Clinic Student Reflects on Preparation for Client's Asylum Interview 1

“This past week, I was fortunate enough to stand next to my client (“FV”) as he learned that he was granted asylum and would not have to return to his home country, where he faced a persecution and the threat of death. This favorable outcome was the culmination of months of patience and focus as my client and I worked together to secure him a safe and peaceful future here in the United States.”

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Resistance in the Trump Era

The Immigrants’ Rights Clinic is committed to protecting the rights of undocumented residents during the Trump administration through advocacy, direct legal services, and partnerships with community organizations.

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