Health Equity Pro Bono Project


The Health Equity Pro Bono Project addresses disparities in health access caused by legal issues and works with the medical and legal communities to identify and address unmet legal needs. The project aims to help disadvantaged individuals access services and resources at the intersection of medical and legal needs through the work of volunteer law students. Students in the Health Equity Pro Bono Project pursue this goal through both direct service work and research projects.

This year, the Health Equity Pro Bono Project will continue our partnership with Neighborhood Legal Services of Los Angeles County to get members involved in a variety of projects, including (1) helping with litigation preparation for medical debt recovery lawsuits; (2) research on individuals being wrongly sued by medical debt collectors; and (3) staffing a hotline for consumer health issues.

Commitment Required of Members:

On the busiest of weeks, 4 hours per week. Otherwise, members will be asked to be “on call” for a hotline for consumer health issues a few times a quarter. These “on call” commitments may vary drastically depending on the situation.

Open Membership Spots: 7

Adv. Degree Student Participation: Permitted

Winter Start: Fall Start Preferred (and Certain Projects Must Start in Fall), But Winter Start Possible

Eligible for Meeting NYS Bar Pro Bono Requirement: Likely

Language Ability Preference: No Language Skills Required, But Those With Commonly Spoken Language Skills (e.g., Spanish, Mandarin) Encouraged to Apply

Project Leaders: Alex Cohen, Whit Froehlich, David Jiang, Madison Marko, and Rob Vogel