Social Security Disability

Social Security Disability

Community Law Clinic students have helped hundreds of adults and children obtain much needed disability benefits from the Social Security Administration (SSI and SSDI).  Students represent clients at Federal Administrative Law Judge hearings and in Federal District Court, filing briefs, cross-examining witnesses, putting on expert testimony, drafting declarations, gathering evidence and presenting oral arguments before the judges.

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Our clients are adults and children in our local community who are unable to work on a full time basis due to mental and/or physical disabilities.  Without income, our clients rely on family for food and shelter, and those without a safety net become homeless or stay in local shelters and transitional housing. The Social Security Administration’s disability claims process is a very difficult one, and most applicants are unsuccessful.  By preparing the cases and putting on a strong case at hearing, CLC students are able to secure life-changing benefits for a majority of our clients.

Most of our Social Security Disability cases come to the clinic through the Law School’s Social Security Disability Pro Bono Project, where law students help disabled individuals file initial claims for Social Security Disability.

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