Criminal Law Society (CLS)

The Stanford Criminal Law Society is a student group that strives to promote criminal law dialogue, practice, policy, and scholarship at SLS. While our members’ backgrounds and political ideologies vary widely, we’re all interested in criminal law and committed to increasing the presence of criminal law at Stanford, as well as creating a forum for SLS students to contribute to criminal law scholarship, practice, and policymaking. We do this through speakers, panels, job and networking opportunities, increased course offerings and clinical opportunities, and field trips all over California–including visits to prisons, trials, and judges’ chambers.

The Criminal Law Society works together with the Center for Criminal Justice to put on events throughout the year, bringing practitioners, academics, judges, and policymakers to campus. Events in the past two years have included a defense practitioners’ series that brought John Keker, Cris Arguedas, and Matt Jacobs to campus, a juvenile justice panel, a panel on progressives in prosecution, a prison reform panel, a gang violence panel that included police officers and prosecutors, and a workshop on sex crimes.


2016-17 Board Members

Chuck Roberts
Allison Morse
Clare Riva

Academic Chair:
Javier Alvarez

Community Service Co-Chair:
Matt Ball
Anya Havriliak

Mentorship Chair:
Sammy Schatz

Outreach Chair:
Carly Hite


Secretary of Defense:
Julie Goldrosen

Professional Development Chair:
Fiona Theobald

Money Czar/Treasurer:
Lea Hubinger

Council of Elders:
Peter Davis
Laura Gilson
Sean McGuire
Diana Yu