Dean’s Office

Stanford Law School is one of the nation’s leading institutions for legal scholarship and education. The Dean’s Office handles official communications from the Dean on behalf of the law school. The Dean oversees the effective operations of the law school relating to faculty, staff and students and acts as liaison between the law school and the central university administration. The Dean holds regular office hours for law school students.


Paul Brest

Paul Brest

  • Interim Dean
  • Professor of Law, Emeritus
  • Director of Law and Policy Lab
  • Interim Executive Director, Steyer-Taylor Center for Energy Policy and Finance

Contact Information

Dean’s Office
Stanford Law School
Neukom Building, Room 305
559 Nathan Abbott Way
Stanford, CA


tel: 650 723.4455
fax: 650 723.4669

Office Hours:
8:30 am – 5:00 pm

Executive Assistant:
Miguel Ibarra

Chronology of SLS Leadership

Dean's Office 20

Nathan Abbott, Executive Head (1893-1907)

Dean's Office 19

Charles H. Huberich, Acting Executive Head (1906-1906)

Dean's Office 17

Frederic C. Woodward, Executive Head; later: Dean (1908-1916)

Dean's Office 16

Charles A. Huston, Dean (1916-1922)

Dean's Office 14

Arthur M. Cathcart, Acting Dean (1917-1919, 1930-1931)

Dean's Office 13

Marion R. Kirkwood, Dean (1922-1945)

Dean's Office 12

Carl B. Spaeth, Dean (1946-1962)

Dean's Office 11

Samuel D. Thurman, Acting Dean (1952-1953)

Dean's Office 10

John R. McDonough, Acting Dean (1959-1960, 1962-1964)

Dean's Office 9

Bayless A. Manning, Dean (1964-1971)

Dean's Office 8

Thomas Ehrlich, Dean (1971-1976)

Dean's Office 7

J. Keith Mann, Acting Dean (1976, 1981-1982)

Dean's Office 6

Charles J. Meyers, Dean (1976-1981)

Dean's Office 5

John Hart Ely, Dean (1982-1987)

Dean's Office 4

Paul A. Brest, Dean (1987-1999)

Dean's Office 3

Kathleen M. Sullivan, Dean (1999-2004)

Dean's Office 2

Larry Kramer, Dean (2004-2012)

Dean's Office 23

M. Elizabeth Magill, Dean (2012-2019)

Jenny S. Martinez

Jenny S. Martinez (2019-2023)