Jeffrey Ball

Jeffrey Ball

Jeffrey Ball

  • Scholar-in-Residence
  • Lecturer in Law
  • Room 364, Crown Quadrangle


  • Climate Change Law & Policy


The China Project 1

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Students in Classroom

Policy Practicum: China's Solar Industry and its Global Implications

China dominates and defines a growing global market for solar power. That market faces a stark dichotomy. Solar energy’s prospects as a meaningful electricity source are increasingly bright. Yet, amid a global glut of solar panels, the future contours of the industry and the roles of such leading players as the U.S. and China are increasingly unclear. Students in this seminar analyze industry and policy data to assess China’s competitive strengths in the global solar industry. Based on those conclusions, students will suggest finance and policy approaches that the U.S. and China each could adopt so that the two countries operate more strategically in an economically efficient global solar market – and, by extension, a globalizing market for cleaner sources of energy.

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