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Jeffrey Ball


  • Climate Change Law & Policy

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For a century, entrepreneurs in Texas and Louisiana have gotten rich pulling up #oil and #gas. Now they’re pivoting — to launch big #CO2 dumps. At stake in this new race for good rock is the future of Big Oil and of a warming planet. I explore, in @WIRED.

Roughly of the first 15 cars in a line right now to pick up kids from a @Stanford summer camp are @Tesla’s. That’s a sign either of a changing world or of a Silicon Valley bubble.

Long live college journalism! For more on the research: @CellPressNews iScience paper, "Hot Money," at, & @nytimes essay at Congrats again to @StanfordEnergy students & paper co-authors @angortegap, David Liou, @em_dickey_.

.@StanfordDaily reports on a lecture given by SLS's @Jeff_Ball about how power plants in developing nations are delaying decarbonization.

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