Nathaniel Persily

Nathaniel A. Persily

Nathaniel Persily

  • James B. McClatchy Professor of Law
  • Room N230, Neukom Building


  • Constitutional Law
  • Equal Protection
  • Federalism
  • Free Speech & Free Press
  • Protection of Civil Liberties
  • Public Policy & Empirical Studies
  • Voting Rights & Election Law
Students in Classroom

Policy Practicum: Election Administration and Reform

Students in this policy lab will be conducting research on problems in administration that have plagued recent elections, as well as potential reform proposals. The areas of inquiry will include: wait times to vote, polling place location and management, poll worker recruitment and training, voting accessibility for uniformed and overseas voters, individuals with disabilities, limited English proficiency, voter rolls and poll books, voting machine capacity and technology, ballot simplicity and voter education, provisional ballots, absentee and early voting, and the adequacy of contingency plans for natural disasters and other emergencies that may disrupt elections.

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