Registration for Non-Law Students

Non-Law Student Registration Information

Please review the contents of this site for information on registering for a course at the Law School. See the “Deadlines” link on the top navigation bar for important Law School deadlines and the “Exams and Papers” link for information on exam/paper procedures and schedules.

Many law courses are open to qualified graduate students in other departments of Stanford University with the consent of the instructor. Some law courses have special enrollment instructions and restrictions. You can view detailed course descriptions on the Courses Schedules and Descriptions page on the Law School website. The course descriptions will include days, times, and locations prior to the start of the term. Non-Law students may not enroll in the first-year required courses.

Stanford Non-Law Student Course Add Request Form

Note:  Some law courses have specific applications for enrollment.  See instructions here and below for course specific consent applications.

How to Register for a Law Course

  1. Review the course listings at the Course Schedules and Descriptions page. You will see that some courses have limited enrollment. Law students receive preference in these types of courses. Thus, there are fewer vacancies for Non-Law students. A few limited enrollment courses have reserve openings for non-law students. This information will be noted in the course description. 
  2. Obtain the instructor’s approval to enroll in the course, complete and submit the Stanford Non-Law Student Add Request Form (see below regarding Policy Lab Practicums).  The form must be submitted by the appropriate enrollment deadlines for each term.
  3. You will receive an e-mail from the Law School Office of the Registrar informing you whether we were able to add the course to your study list in Axess. The e-mail notification may take several days. In the meantime, keep attending the course and ask the instructor for approval to access the course site on Canvas. Once the instructor approves access, you can send a request to