Law and Management Science and Engineering


A joint degree in law and Management Science & Engineering (MS&E) enables lawyers and scholars to develop competence in a broad range of disciplines relevant to today’s business world—from information science and technology to economics, finance, and investment; from manufacturing to marketing; from public policy analysis to probability systems.

Stanford’s joint degree program in law and MS&E offers unique flexibility, breadth, and depth. For example, a student interested in practicing law for venture capital or start-up companies will benefit from the program’s offerings in entrepreneurship. Someone interested in a practice involved with derivatives or other modern financial instruments could pursue MS&E’s very strong finance-related program. Many possible areas of study, such as public policy analysis, environmental policy, and health policy, are relevant to careers in public service.

Opportunities for joint degree holders are as varied as the range of disciplines encompassed in these two joint degrees. An education in this area draws on the strength of Stanford’s Department of Management Science & Engineering as well as the broad excellence of Stanford University as a whole, and exposes students to intensive learning opportunities across campus. Students gain expertise on both the practical and technical sides of business, finance, public policy, engineering, and science. Because a joint degree in law and MS&E is highly customizable, it can be tailored to address each student’s aspirations.

Course Requirements

For the JD/MS program, as many as 45 quarter units of approved courses may be counted toward both degrees. For the JD/PhD program, as many as 54 quarter units of approved courses may be counted toward both degrees. In either case, no more than 31 quarter units of courses that originate outside the law school may count toward the law degree.

The maximum number of law school credits that may be counted toward the MS in MS&E is the greater of: (i) 18 quarter units in the case of the MS; or (ii) the maximum number of units from courses outside the department that an MS candidate in MS&E is permitted to count toward the applicable degree under general departmental guidelines or under departmental rules that apply in the case of a particular student’s individual program.

The maximum number of law school credits that may be counted toward the PhD in MS&E is 36 quarter units.

Note to applicants: The Knight-Hennessy Scholars program awards full funding to Stanford graduate students from all disciplines, with additional opportunities for leadership training and collaboration across fields. Joint Degree applicants are encouraged to apply to the KnightHennessy Scholars Program.  Please be aware that the Knight-Hennessy Scholars applications are due in early Autumn one year prior to enrollment. View dates and deadlines: